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Best Watsu Massage Therapy in Phuket, Thailand

We specialize is watsu, certified and qualified doctors perform this method, to give the best results. The aquatic bodywork is a passive therapy used for relieving stress and gives us deep relaxation.

It’s a one-on-one session where you are stretched, cradled and massaged by the practitioner in clean deep warm water.

Have you heard of Watsu massage therapy?

This therapy is being incorporated in the treatments for many body ailments and yes!
The results are amazing.
Watsu Therapy (WATer-shiatSU) is an aquatic therapy which involves body massages where the receiver is moved and stretched gently by the Provider.

The fluid movements are a combination of gentle stretches, massages and activating the acupressure points in the body. The Watsu therapy gives a deep sense of relaxation and quietens the autonomic nervous system which affects the neuromuscular system.

How are these sessions performed?

A Watsu session needs a pool filled with warm water (92 to 94F ) the provider will perform a series of stenches with the help of one hand and use his other hand to support the receiver.

The receiver is gently rocked, bent, arched, massages and stretched. There should always be a connecting of trust between the provider and the receiver for the best results in the treatment. At the end of the session, there is deep relaxation and harmony from within the body which makes this a great experience.

Watsu massage therapy in Phuket is recommended for every traveler who wants to spend his vacation in Thailand. Maybe you are healthy. But never underestimate the relaxation that you can gain after the session.

Below are some immediate benefits from the first session:
• Muscle relaxation
• Reduce muscle spasm
• Reduced pain in the body parts
• Improved range of motion
• Reduced spasticity

Now let’s see what the long term benefits are:
• Improved sleep
• Improved and effective digestion
• The decrease in physical pain and better emotional well being
• Improved and healed nervous and immune system.
• Less anxiety.
After seeing all the benefits from Watsu massage therapy, You must be wondering where you can get the best Watsu therapy in Phuket?

NOVEMBER WELLNESS RESORT has the best practitioners who give you personalized therapy which not only helps your physical ailment but also improve your nervous system and blood circulation.

Do plan a Watsu session with a certified practitioner on your vacation at Phuket and have a relaxed, soothing and fun-filled vacation

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