November Wellness Resort, Phuket – beauty of Naiharn Beach

November Wellness Resort

Each detail tells a story.

Welcome to November Wellness Resort where the waters of the most beautiful beaches Naiharn beach meet the Naiharn Lake most peaceful haven.

Located in the south of Phuket, Thailand. Our wellness resort offers breathtaking panoramas and antique design inspired by a unique combination of tradition, heritage, and culture.



A place in a peaceful blue lake of wonderful beauty.

The experience is privacy, warmth and moments of magic – a promise of utter contentment fulfilled.



The magnificent place

November Wellness Resort offers the perfect combination of age-old tradition, hospitality, and personal wellness. With its blend of colonial, magic architecture and modern comforts.


A regain of natural balance, with comfortable rooms, personalized service, a first-class spa, gourmet cuisine, luxury tours, and health and spa retreats.




If you are in pursuit of adventure or a good wellness experience, our dedicated reception team can assist in planning a wellness retreat to turn your health around, where you’ll discover the right balance of relaxation and self-paced adventure.


Desirable features

Whether from the other side of the world or merely or from the other side of Thailand, all will feel serene at Naiharn Lake with the array of indulgent amenities available.

Book an appointment at the on-site spa suites, November Wellness Resort Spa, where signature treatments and complete tranquility away. Or join us in our restaurant, where you can enjoy fresh Phuket’s seafood.



With world-class treatments, impeccable service, and inspired accommodations, wellness getaway, and peaceful experience.

An exclusive retreat in one of the best luxury spa resorts in Phuket, Thailand. Invites you to explore the most beautiful beaches, Naiharn Beach and culture and many other adventurous.



You can relax in one of the Suites, which all boast a private bathtub at the balcony to ensure the ultimate sense of luxury, relaxation, and privacy at the November Wellness Resort.

So, if you have never visited a hotel of such class, now it’s the time to enjoy all the benefits of this Best luxury hotel in Phuket.