New Payment Method – Bitcoin

November Wellness Resort – Cryptocurrency accepted hotel, in Phuket, Thailand

Now in the travel industry, cryptocurrency becoming ever more prevalent.



In the travel and hospitality sectors cryptocurrency has made its presence.

Holders have the convenience of paying for flights, car rentals services and hotel rooms, with their cryptocoins, putting into use this widely accepted form of currency.





The most popular cryptocurrency is Bitcoin.

There are new and many cryptocurrencies available all the time.


A new question emerges, as cryptocurrency becomes more legitimate:


How is it used to make transactions?


A technology called “block chain,” managed cryptocurrency transactions, a shared database that serves as a public, permanent and virtual ledger that records transactions, both in crypto and traditional currency.



Each transaction is independently verified and cannot be copied, when is made through blockchain, making the technology extremely secure. Is a lot of potential in blockchain for the hospitality industry. It’s in its infancy stage, but as time goes on, hoteliers using blockchain to facilitate operations and enhance the customer experience.


What is a cryptocurrency?

The cryptocurrencies are virtual coins that you can use without the need of giving your credit card to buy and sell product in internet.





How to book and pay for a room with cryptocurrency at November Wellness Resort, Phuket?

  1. The user should check availability on the hotel website , and then send an email to or call to +66 76 388 838 , +66 98 464 6399 with the type of room, date of stay and the price. We will find availability for you.
  2. Once confirmed the availability, we will block the room, send you an email with the address of our digital wallet and the price* in Bitcoin.
  3. Once they receive the payment, you will receive email with the payment and booking information.


From the moment, you make the payment to the digit wallet.


We are excited to be the first Bitcoin accepted hotel in Phuket.

There is not many hotels in Phuket that accept Bitcoin at the present but we are giving more option to BitTravelers.


*Price is calculated from Thai baht → USD → Bitcoin.

Bitcoin price is base on market price at coinbase and 20% of commission will be added.







Booking made with bitcoin before 15th-March will be charged only 5% of commission and 10% discount for Spa and Restaurant!

Spa and Restaurant also can be paid with bitcoin.


Enjoy Phuket Travel with Bitcoin!