Cryptocurrency payment at November Wellness Resort

Do you have cryptocurrency?

Do you want to spend it on a Luxurious and peaceful vacation?

November Wellness Resort has a great payment option for you.

Now, you can pay the November wellness resort in cryptocurrency.

The resort management system is providing it all customers with the added benefit of bitcoin payment.

November wellness resort is well known for its luxurious and peaceful surroundings that it provides to its customers to spend time and relax.

Important Points to Note for Payment

  • Customers can check the COINBASE official website to see the price on the date they want to stay and send inquiry for Cryptocurrency payment.
  • Hotel team will check price and calculate with the current market price
  • Total price will be calculated in Bitcoin and a 5% charge will be added.
  • We are going to expand and take more kind of Cryptocurrencies but at the moment, we start with BITCOIN.
  • We will be checking the price on CoinBase
  • For More Details Contact Our Team


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